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All programs presented here, are so called JAVA-Applets, which starts within your browser.
For proper use within your browser you have to have the SUN JAVA Runtime environement (JRE) installed.
JAVA runtime environment including the browser plugin has to be installed on your computer in the version 1.5 or higher
Actually a known bug in JAVA JRE versions higher than 1.6 update 5 (1.6.0_5) prevents the saving of parameters.
Please uninstall the Java version higher 1.6.0_5, download and install JRE Version 1.6.0_5
( It seems that version 1.6 update 12 will resolve this problem.

Use of these programs is free.

Some of these tools load images and data from your local file system. This is a potential risc and therefore, such applets have to be signed (you will be asked, if you trust the source of these applets [me, Stefan Tschanz]).

No waranty is given for any damage or loss of data.

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